Cercle Onyx Lamp+ 250ml Exquisite Sparkle Gift Set

Cercle Onyx Lamp+ 250ml Exquisite Sparkle Gift Set

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The Lampe Berger Cercle Onyx gift set consists of a catalytic lamp with all curves and a precious warm side. The work of designer Rozenn Mainguené to manage the perception in the way in which light and matter enter into a symbiosis and dissociate.

The translucent onyx color of the lacquered glass brings a contemporary touch with this light mineral gray shade and the elegant silver frame completes this object.

Treat yourself to an explosion of fragrant happiness with this limited edition Lampe Berger Cercle Onyx gift set and its Exquisite Sparkle, flowery and invigorating home fragrance. The gourmet citrus of grapefruit combines with the woody scents of patchouli, crowned with a subtle effervescent note. An ideal fragrance for the Christmas holidays in order to spend wonderful moments even more convivial and breathtaking. This gift set is also available in plum color.

Lamp sold in a gift set with accessories: wick-burner, heavy shiny silver round diffuser cap, stopper, and funnel + 250ml Exquisite Sparkle home fragrance.