Candle holder
Candle holder

Candle holder

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The solid brass candle holder is the most exclusive member of the STOFF Nagel candle holder family. Use it with tapered candles or leave it merely as a decorative sculpture. You can shape and combine it as you prefer and create your own expression to underline its sculptural properties in your own unique way.


The candle holder was originally designed by Werner Stoff for Hans Nagel in the 1960s. The design touches the Scandinavian virtues and minimalistic style when it elegantly catches the light in your home and shapes itself with its surroundings, yet it holds contrast to the edgy, stylistic and functional design.


This special piece is made of solid brass and will patinate over a period of time. You can easily remove candle drips and yellow oxidation by placing the candle holder in hot water with a bit of citric acid and a drop of detergent. After removing drips you can polish your brass candle holder with brass polish to remove oxidation or small spots and bring back the shiny look.

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