Lærke Bentsen x Sistie - Earrings Coral Silver

Lærke Bentsen x Sistie - Earrings Coral Silver

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Lærke Bentsen earrings made of 100% recycled silver with small coral resin beads.

Lærke Bentsen x Sistie collection consists of several different colors and beads. A dark purple amethyst, and coral as well as light purple resin beads. The fresh colors symbolize that we all fit together, even though we are different. The design in the collection is asymmetrical and a bit convoluted - as she herself says, it's like Lærke's own brain.

"My goal in life is to be a safe haven for those who lack one. And that is what my jewelery collection stands for" - Lærke Bentsen

The collection, which consists of both earrings, rings and necklaces, is made of both gold-plated recycled silver and rhodium-plated recycled silver.

Size: 19mm